2006 Projects

Rehabilitation Of Flat Creek II In Jackson, WY

Total Project Costs: $105,500

The Town of Jackson, together with partners Teton Conservation District and private landowners, implement stream improvement in Flat Creek to reduce icing and winter flooding that adversely affect native cutthroat populations. A feasibility study conducted by Trout Unlimited in 1996 identified … Continue reading

Mores Creek Floodplain Restoration In Idaho City, ID

Total Project Costs: $329,700

Trout Unlimited will aid in the recovery of native fish such as redband trout and bull trout, in the Mores Creek (ID) watershed and improve watershed function by reconnecting the floodplain, creating meanders, and installing instream structures to improve fish habitat … Continue reading

Yellowstone Cutthroat Survey, Monitoring And Restoration In Henry’s Fork And Sinks Drainages

Total Project Costs: $68,950

The Henry’s Fork Foundation will complete fisheries surveys on the remaining un-surveyed stream length that may support Yellowstone cutthroat trout (YCT) in the Yellowstone drainage of the Henry’s Fork drainage, monitor the status of YCT populations at sites in the Henry’s … Continue reading

Six Spring Creek Restoration In Driggs ID

Total Project Costs: $85,300

The Teton Regional Land Trust and local partners propose to complete restoration along Six Springs Creek and associated wetlands to improve Yellowstone cutthroat trout (YCT) spawning and rearing habitat. YCT has lost 60% of its historic range due to habitat degradation … Continue reading

LaBarge Creek Culvert Replacement In Pinedale, WY

Total Project Costs: $120,000

Bridger-Teton National Forest plans to replace an existing but undersized culvert on the main stem of LaBarge Creek with a small bridge. The replacement will allow native Colorado cutthroat trout unhindered passage throughout their current and historical habitat range in Wyoming.