2016 Teams

The Whoppers
Thomas & Thomas
Slam Dink
Johanna Food Drifters
Net Wetters
The Hemingways
Team Kiwi

The Swordfishers
Fishing Breaks
Colorado Casters
Loss Leaders
Tennessee Texas Anglers
Tocqueville Trout Troupe
Casting Cajuns
A. Rods
Horse Creek Hookers
Lip Rippers
Teton Village Bait and Tackle
Liquid Planet Anglers
Cascade Cutthroats
Ladies of the Long Rod
Howa Hawkeyes
Cornhusker Fly Fishers
Australian Leaders
Bush Leaguers
Hyde Drift Boats
The Boys
Hatch / Yellow Dog
Live Water Properties
Team Skwala
The Groupers
North Fork Anglers
AR Anglers Fund
The Drifters
Blood Knots
Final Possum
Nebraska Flycasters

* Bold Denotes Sponsor Teams