Team Selection Process

Updated for 2018 One Fly Event

Would you like to put a team together and join the One Fly Event? Here’s what you need to do:


The Jackson Hole One Fly Board of Directors adopted a team selection policy in order to ensure an equitable selection process.

2018 Team Entry Deadline  (Application and Deposit)  –  December 15, 2017

No team will be considered unless their Entry Fee Deposit ($3,600 per team or $6,000 for Sponsor Team) is received by the deadline date. Total Team Entry Fee is $7,200 or $12,000 for Sponsor; Team Alternate Members are an additional $350 each.

A list of teams (with application/deposit received) will be circulated to all One Fly board members. A team may be eliminated if behavior at past events has been unacceptable.

A list of One Fly event “supporter” teams will be offered positions. Teams are considered a “supporter” team:

  1. If they are actively committed to the goals of the One Fly through special contributions, support of conservation projects, longevity, and have been willing to help the event when called upon.
  2. If their team members participate in all One Fly events, are punctual and conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.

New Team applications are encouraged and new teams will be selected each year.



Sponsor Team positions are available for $12,000 per team and will be offered a position upon payment of this fee. The Sponsor Teams will receive a full page color ad and special recognition in the One Fly Program Book with a portion of their entry fee going to stream improvement projects.


The remaining positions and an alternate list will be filled by a blind drawing.

A total of forty teams will be accepted.


Each team in the 2017 One Fly Event may have only one Professional member fishing each day provided that the Professional is not a commercial fishing guide on the local event waters of the Snake or South Fork Rivers. Please refer to the Chairman October 14, 2016 letter, attached to the 2017 application for further clarification.

A Professional is a full-time or part-time fresh or salt water fly fishing guide or captain who, within the last 5 years, has received income for guide services performed as a guide or captain.

· Team Applications and Entry Deposit ($3600.00 or $6000.00) due no later than December 15, 2017.

· Team Selection Process begins December 28, 2017

· Selected Teams for the 2018 One Fly will be notified by January 15, 2018 If your team is not selected at that time; it will be put on an Alternate Team List.

· Selected and Alternate Teams may withdraw in writing by Feb. 15, 2018 and deposit will be returned.

· Team Fee Balance $3600 (or $6000 for Sponsor, plus $350 for each Alternate) due by April 1, 2018.

·A Selected Team who does not withdraw by Feb. 15, 2018 or pay balance of team fee by April 1, 2018, will forfeit deposit and be replaced from the Alternate Team List.

·On April 15, 2018 after all teams are confirmed and paid, any remaining deposits will be returned to teams on the Alternate Team List.