Getting Involved

Would you like to be involved in a future One Fly Event?

· Follow this link if you would like to become a sponsor.
· If you would like to fish, you will have to either join an existing team or put one together yourself.

Joining an existing team will be up to you (good luck). However we can help if you would like to put together your own team. While we always have more applicants than openings, we select new teams every year. Read the One Fly Team Selection Process for information on actions you can take to increase your chances of being accepted into the next One Fly Event.

To create a new team and apply for inclusion in the next One Fly Event:

· First read about our One Fly Team Selection Process.
· Then fill out and return the 2017 Team Application by December 15, 2017 (you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer).