2016 One Fly Contributors & Sponsor Teams

Thank you to our many contributors and sponsors, we are most appreciative of the financial and material support these groups provide to the One Fly Foundation.

2016 Contributors:

Thomas & Thomas

Hatch Outdoors

Best of New Zealand

Hyde Drift Boats

Scientific Anglers


Smith Optics

Coca – Cola

Osprey Beverages


*Our 2016 Super Contributors are in bold


2016 Team Sponsors:

The Whoppers

Thomas & Thomas

Slam Dink

Johanna Food Drifters

Net Wetters

The Hemingways

Team Kiwi


One Fly Event Sponsor Teams

Sponsor Teams make important contributions to our Mission and pay higher entrance fees (almost twice the rate paid by a regular team). The Sponsor Team is often a corporation, but can be an individual sponsor or a team of like-minded generous individuals. There are a limited number of Sponsor Teams, currently 7  out of the 40 team total, allowed for the annual event.


The Sponsorship level provides an opportunity for both elevated support of the One Fly along with the ability to bring together clients who are fly fishing enthusiasts. This combination adds to the success of our event in itself as well as our goal of improving and sustaining trout habitat. All teams, including Sponsor Teams, must meet the same level of qualifications and wholeheartedly support the Mission of the Jackson Hole One Fly.