Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Restoration and Enhancement (ID)

Recipient: Henry's Fork Foundation Foundation Federal Funding: $9,500 Foundation Non-Federal Funding: $1,000 Matching Funds: $353,500 Project Area/Location: Henry’s Fork, Teton and Sinks drainages, southeastern Idaho
Total Funding: $364,000

The Henry’s Fork Foundation will conduct Yellowstone cutthroat trout (YCT) restoration, enhancement, and evaluation on 53 kilometers of 10 streams in the Henrys Fork, Teton and Sinks drainages. YCT fish passage will be improved for 12 kilometers of stream, and stream and riparian habitat will be protected on two streams. YCT restoration activities will take place for four populations in 24 kilometers of stream. Evaluation of future YCT restoration activities will occur on 6 streams of 29 kilometers in length, including a feasibility and design study of a fish barrier and National Eenvironmental Policy Act analysis for a brook trout removal. Fish passage will be improved by removing 2 culverts on Duck Creek, allowing Henrys Lake migratory YCT access to 12 kilometers of stream length and additional spawning habitat. Riparian fencing and water gaps will be installed along Duck Creek, improving stream habitat along the creek that will soon be accessible to migratory YCT. Riparian fencing, water gaps, and other activities will implemented on Camas Creek to restore and improve stream habitat for a recently established YCT population.

All Districts: District 2 (ID)