Trout Creek Fish Barrier for Cutthroat Trout (CO)

Recipient: U.S. Forest Service Foundation Federal Funding: $54,700 Foundation Non-Federal Funding: $5,300 Matching Funds: $127,000 Project Area/Location: 15 miles west of Yampa, Routt National Forest, northwestern Colorado
Total Funding: $187,000

The U.S. Forest Service will construct a fish barrier to protect Colorado River cutthroat trout from imminent threat of whirling disease. The Trout Creek conservation population of Colorado River cutthroat trout (CRCT) currently occupies 4.3 miles of the Trout Creek headwaters. The Trout Creek conservation population was identified as the highest priority for restoration in the multi-agency Upper Yampa River CRCT Management Plan due to imminent threats from whirling disease, as well as the potential for competition and hybridization with non-native trout. This project proposes to construct a concrete fish barrier immediately upstream of the reservoir. The primary objective is to prevent whirling disease infected fish from entering the stream segments occupied by the Trout Creek conservation population. Secondary benefits include insuring that non-native trout do not enter the population. Project success will be measured by monitoring whether fish move above the barrier and testing for whirling disease within the CRCT population. This project is a cooperative effort between the Colorado Department of Wildlife, U.S. Forest Service, and Trout Unlimited.

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