Teton County Weed and Pest – Snake River (Idaho) Weed Control

NFWF & JHOF Partnership: $4,900 Local Match: $71,200

Teton County Weed & Pest is a state mandated organization that helps the State of Wyoming and Teton County control a designated list of noxious weed species and a small handful of designated pests.  The main emphasis of the program is noxious weed control and a variety of consultation services which we provide to Teton County residents.

The Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation – National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Conservation Partnership Program is providing funding to help facilitate the removal of noxious weeds and the restoration of native vegetation within the Snake River corridor in Teton County, Wyoming. Objectives of the project will be two fold. The first objective will be weed control and ultimately wildlife and fisheries habitat restoration accomplished by government agencies and community weed pull. The second objective will be educating the public on the importance of noxious week control and the restoration of native vegetation. The project is divided into three phases. Phase I was fully funded and is completed. This project provides funding for Phase II, which began in June 2003.

Project Status:

This project was completed in October of 2003 and was a huge success. During phase II they were able to treat 91.53 acres. In this area they pulled weeds, and laid down 400 pounds of grass seed to help prevent regrowth of weeds. They were also able to allocate funding to search for invasive plants that must be caught in their early stages so they may be eradicated to prevent more prolific infestations.