Stream & Habitat Improvement Projects

This is what it is all about, folks. This is why there is an annual One Fly Event. Furthermore, the One Fly Foundation, leverages it's funds so that any money raised is put to the best possible use. Apply for a grant now.


$6,000 Rainey Creek Spawning Improvement Project - project with Idaho Falls Upper Snake River Trout Unlimited and Idaho Fish & Game.


Three years of funding the Greys and Little Greys rivers stream-structure project (Alpine, Wyoming).


Lamb Springs Spawning Improvement Project (tributary to Snake River Canyon) with Trout Unlimited.


Lower Rainey Creek and other South Fork tributaries. More fish habitat-improvement structures (Swan Valley, Idaho).


More spring creek riparian wetlands and spawning fencing protection (Swan Valley, Idaho).


Wilson Bridge Ramp and Restroom Project, a $3,000 donation.


Gros Ventre River Stream Improvement Project with the Forest Service, a $3,000 donation.