Fish Passage Restoration in Spread Creek (WY) – II

Recipient: Trout Unlimited, Inc. Foundation Federal Funding: $48,500 Foundation Non-Federal Funding: $30,056 Matching Funds: $190,000 Project Area/Location: Spread Creek, 25 miles north and slightly east of Jackson, Wyoming
Total Funding: $268,556

Trout Unlimited, Inc. will open forty miles of fish habitat, install fish-friendly rock habitat structure, and restore channel on Wyoming’s Spread Creek. The Spread Creek diversion dam has blocked access for native Snake River fine-spotted cutthroat trout and native non-game fish for over fifty years. There are over forty miles of historically accessible habitat above the structure. Partner groups spent the 2009 field season collecting survey and hydrologic data, developing a range of project design alternatives, and discussing issues related to project implementation. Quadrant Engineering (Boise, ID) was hired to develop a preferred engineering and design alternative to remove the diversion structure. The structure will be completely removed from the Spread Creek channel, and multiple rock weirs (natural stream design) will be placed to maintain the irrigation system while at the same time ensuring that fluvial native trout from the mainstem Upper Snake River and non-game fish are able to migrate to historic spawning and rearing grounds. The Spread Creek channel and riparian area at the project site will be restored following the removal of the existing structure as well as monitored post-construction. Project partners include the Trout Unlimited – Wyoming Water Project, Grand Teton National Park, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Triangle X and Moosehead ranches, and the TU Jackson Hole Chapter.

All Districts: District 1 (WY)